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GOV.PH  |  Philippine Standard Time: 20 May 2024, 07:43 AM
#Notice of Award
1Ordinance No. 2022-033 – an Ordinance, Amending Resolution No. 2020-0106-001a / Ordinance No. 2020-0106-001, an Ordinance Enacting the Governing Rules and Regulations for the Operation of Madridejos Community College (Mcc), Bunakan, Madridejos, Cebu
2Ordinance No. 2022-034 – an Ordinance, Amending Ordinance No. 2019-004 “an Ordinance Creating Plantilla Positions in Madridejos Community College (Mcc) in the Municipality of Madridejos, Province of Cebu
3Ordinance No. 2022-036 – an Ordinance, Prohibiting of Posting Merchandising, Promotional, and All Other Kinds of Streamers/banners/collateral Material in Tourism Designation Areas Such as but Not Limited to the Welcome Arch, the Entrance Highway (Entrada), Kota Park, Municipal Plaza and Other Areas in the Municipality of Madridejos, Cebu Except Any Lgu Sponsored Activity or Collateral
4Ordinance No. 2022-037 – an Ordinance, Renaming Kota Park to Kota Heritage Park to Keep Bontay Walk as the Name of the Foot Bridge, and to Repeal the Ordinance Renaming the Different Areas and Rooms in Kota Park So as to Not Cause Any Confusion in Naming Them
5Ordinance No. 2022-038 – an Ordinance Adopting the Official Seal of the Municipality of Madridejos, Cebu, Regulating Its Use and Providing Penalty for Violations Thereof
6Ordinance No. 2022-039 – an Ordinance, Amending Resolution No. 2009-1019-075/ordinance No. 2009-1019-004, “an Ordinance, Adopting Republic Act No. 9482, Which is an Act Providing for the Control and Elimination of Rabies and Prescribing Penalties for Violation and Appropriating Funds Thereof” in the Municipality of Madridejos, Cebu”
7Ordinance No. 2022-040 – an Ordinance Adopting “Uniquely Madridejos” as the Official Tagline for the Municipality of Madridejos, Cebu
8Ordinance No. 2022-41 – an Ordinance Mandating Business Establishments Operating Within the Territorial Jurisdiction of Madridejos, Cebu to Install a Closed Circuit Television (Cctv) System and Prescribing Penalties for Violations Thereof
9Ordinance No. 2022-42 – an Ordinance Regulating Open Access and Overfishing in the Municipal Waters of the Municipality of Madridejos, Cebu, and Adopting the Territorial Use Rights for the Fishing Program
10Ordinance No. 2022-043 – an Ordinance Declaring a Closed Season or Closed Days for Danggit and Its Related Species and Prohibiting the Catching of Gravid and Juvenile Danngit and Its Related Species
11Ordinance No. 2022-044 – an Ordinance Enacting the 2022 Revised Revenue Code of the Municipality of Madridejos, Cebu, and Imposing Penalties for Violators Thereof in Accordance With the Provisions of This Code
12Ordinance No. 2022-045 – an Ordinance Enacting the Local Investment and Incentive Code in the Municipality of Madridejos, Cebu
13Ordinance No. 2022-046 – an Ordinance Adopting the Isda Festival as the Official Festival Theme of the Municipality of Madridejos, Cebu
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