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Municipal Hall

This is the seat of government of the town. Location: Brgy. Poblacion

Madridejos Arc

Make sure to have your photos taken at the welcome arch. What used to be plain fields is now a canopy of lush mahogany trees that guides you to the heart of the town. Location: Boundary of Madridejos and Bantayan.

Temptation Beach

Temptation beach becomes an islet during high tides and the wooden foot bridge becomes useful to get to the other side of the island. Location: Brgy. Malbago Villacarlos Residence. This century owned house is the ancestral home of the Villacarlos, who had 3 mayor and 1 vice mayor. Location: Brgy. Talangnan.

Salazar Eco Park

Madridejos in 1998 played host to the Central Visayas Regional athletic association games, in the Salazar Eco Park, an olympic size seawater pool was constructed and is still open to the public up to now. Location: Brgy. Tarong.

La Kodia

This is where you can see 14 different species of mangroves. This people’s organisation run site, carefully and meticulously constructed its bamboo footpath around the facility to ensure that no mangrove is disturbed. Location: Brgy. Kodia.

Isla Tangingue

This is a small, uninhabited island in where a lighthouse is located.

Bunakan Well

This well is believed to have been made in the 18th century. Location: Brgy. Bunakan.

Maalat Baywalk

Another venue to rest and relax, with your favorite drink and enjoy the sunset. Location: Brgy. Kaongkod.

Kota Heritage Park

This is home to the Kota Fort that was believed to have been built in the 1790s and served as a refuge for locals against invasion. The surroundings of the fort was a cemetery and was converted into a patio to what is now known as the Kota Heritage Park. You can also see the Bontay Walk here. It is at Kota Heritage Park that you will be able to see Lawis – literally, the tip of the Bantayan Island. Make sure to visit the souvenir shop so you can take with you a souvenir or two. Location: Brgy. Poblacion.

Immaculate Concepcion

Immaculate Conception Parish Church Plaza. Located in the heart of the town, the plaza includes the Immaculate Conception Parish Church. In 1915 the church transferred to the town center and on October 18, 1951 the Immaculate Conception Parish new building was constructed into a bigger structure making up the more spacious and larger church now standing. Location: Brgy. Poblacion. Source: Cebu Provincial History Series No. 29, the History of Madridejos by Faustino Lim Suan, Jr.).


This century old Tree is also known as the Blackboard tree or sometimes the devil’s tree. Folklore has it that this tree is mystical in a sense that when it starts to flower, a lot of people in the area gets sick. Location: Brgy. Pili.

Bontay Baywalk

This is one of the iconic attractions in Madridejos located inside the Kota Heritage Park. Its walkway leads you to a 2-storey structure that allows you a 360 degree view. The Bontay Walk consists of 591 planks – as of the latest count. Sometimes when the tide is high, or the sea is rough, it carries with it some of the planks. Location: Brgy. Poblacion.

Bantayan sa Hari

This watchtower was constructed around 1839 to fortify the island against raids. It is where the approach of invaders could easily be seen, to give a timely warning to the townsfolk of their coming. Location: Brgy. Kaongkod.
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